Epic, Euphoric. Balearic

Following in the sandy footsteps of Island of Trance (2011-14), IBIZA TRANCE EVENT takes in Ibiza’s strongest trance-orientated parties of the summer; from the insanely intense atmospheres of Cream and Space to unique one-off open-air gatherings like CAPTURED FESTIVAL and teaming up with boat party specialists DRIFTWOOD’S for an epic, euphoric ocean voyage around the spectacular coastline of Ibiza. The focus is on a long weekend rather than a week, which allows trance lovers to converge on the island of Ibiza from across the planet.

There’s opening week, closing week and Radio One week, now there’s TRANCE WEEK and it looks like this… THIS!!

Monkey Business! The History of Captured’s Home

Fantasyland, as it was originally known, was never a zoo in the traditional sense—no lions, tigers or Elephants were ever incarcerated. Built in 1975 by a company from Mallorca, it opened three years later as a family tourist attraction. There were parrots, monkeys, rabbits, sheep and seals. The venue's structure, including the seal pit, which today is Zoo's main club space, remain exactly the same as when they were first built over forty years ago. Fantasyland wasn't a profitable business, and in 1980 it closed. Until a local Businesman Barty Escandell bought the venue in 1985, it lay abandoned (hence the Zoo's tagline).

The new owners saw its potential as an events space and reopened it as Gala Night, which is also the name of the restaurant/function room on the south of the venue. (Among other things, it hosts a weekly dinner for local pensioners, featuring Ibiza's largest paella pan!) The animals were replaced with bands, a barbecue and a bucking bronco. From 1997-2001 Captured co-promoter Kirk Field used the space for his welcome parties for 500 marauding Australians. In August 2002, MTV ran a one-day festival called MTV Aquasonic that featured 2Manydjs, Audio Bully’s and more than 30 other acts. It flopped, filling only half the venue, at a reported cost of €90,000. Ouch! In August 2006, Adrian ‘Ady’ Brown and Lubka Pajerova, a pair of twenty something promoters who'd had some success running boat parties in San Antonio, pitched a one-off event called Safari Party to Gala Night's owner, Bartolo Escandell. This was their third or fourth written proposal—the others had been rejected because they'd positioned the events as an after party for Circoloco and Cocoon. (For venue owners, that means hordes of wide-eyed ravers and unwanted attention from the police.) This time, though, Brown and Pajerova suggested a 4 or 5 PM start time. Escandell agreed, and the event went ahead on Saturday, September 6th, 2006. In all but name, it was the first edition of Zoo.

These days, many people consider Gala Night to be the best venue in Ibiza. It might not match up to DC-10 or Amnesia for sound quality or raw, imposing power, but it makes up for this with a combination of natural beauty and a spacious layout. There are three dance floors—The Seal Pit, The Treehouse and The Living Room surrounded by a lush green forest encloses the venue, dappling its tan paths with sunlight and cradling the azure open air pool with palm trees to create every clubbers party paradise.

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